Back from the dead?


Guys, I’ve been a bad blogman for a while so I’m pledging to return and fill your big ambivalent faces with words about media. 
Watch this space.

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PODCAST: Soultelstar


On this week’s Let’s Get Dangerous podcast, I’m joined by Bill from Outside the Cinema to talk about 60s pop producer Joe Meek via the conduit of his 2008 biopic, Telstar. Available for streaming on US Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can watch OTC live every Monday at or find the show in iTunes.

While in Bottom 100 territory, we talk Soultaker. It’s a rip-roaring train ride through mediocrity that stops off to take in the sights of Robert Z’Dar and Joe Estevez in heavy eye make-up.

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PODCAST: Central American History X 3: Electric Boogaloo


I’m back with another installment in the Let’s Get Dangerous pod-canon, and do we have a doozy for you this week!

In Stream of Consciousness, I’m joined by the Deadly Doll herself. Emily from Gleekast, The Feminine Critique and her wonderful Deadly Doll’s House blog joins me to talk dance flicks, public transport horror stories and the feature length mash-up video Girl Walk//All Day (you can stream it for free if you click that link).

Doug, Andi and I watched Pinata: Survival Island for To The Top of the Bottom 100, and let me tell you this – It was no fun. In a review ruled by bodily functions and boredom, who comes out looking good? Not this fuckin’ movie, that’s for damn sure!

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PODCAST: Righteous Dudes vs Baby Geniuses

It’s time for LGDP2 to wash all over them ears of yours. In the words of Dr. Dre, it’s the next episode, and on this week’s show we welcome Kelley Kombrinck. You might know Kelley from his work over at the Night of The Living Podcast or his first collection of short stories, These Lonely Places. He joined me in the Stream of Consciousness studio to talk about classic 80s teen flick, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which is currently streaming on US Netflix. In To The Top Of The Bottom 100, we celebrate inviting Doug into the fold by watching Baby Geniuses, a film so wantonly stupid that it may broken all of our brains.

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REVIEW: Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (2012)

Just over three years ago, I was blown away by John Hyams’ re-invigoration of the Universal Soldier franchise. It was one that had languished in bargain buckets across the world, despite how great an action movie that first entry was. Universal Soldier: Regeneration managed to tow the line of action and interesting ideas better than any other straight-to-DVD action film of that year. Some people think it showed the multiplex boys who was boss too.

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PODCAST: Yucca Flats vs Black Rainbows

In this inaugural episode of the Let’s Get Dangerous podcast, Jamie talks Beyond The Black Rainbow with OTC and Are You Serious podcast veteran, Chris Bricklemyer, in Stream of Consciousness. In To The Top Of The Bottom 100, Jamie and Andi look at the IMDb bottom 100’s number 51: The Beast of Yucca Flats. While in movie news, Liam talks Stoker, Gallowwalkers, Marvel and more.

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REVIEW: Ted (2012)

I’m not a big Family Guy fan, its sense of humour rarely amuses me. On the flipside, I do like Massachusetts accents and comedy songs about weather. Both of which were present in the trailer, so I decided to give Ted a shot. The premise is pretty genius, I can’t believe no one thought to make a movie based around it now. What happens after that magical Christmas wish movie? Apparently, what comes after is a load of mediocre jokes and swearing. Because that’s funny, right?

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I have mixed opinions about Deadpool as an entity. In theory, he is probably the bad-assest comic character since The Flaming Carrot, but the rabid fanpeoples and casual comic fans on a certain microblogging platform really grind my nuggets. But whatever, Deadpool has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Probably based on Hollywood’s favourite apathy factory, Ryan Reynolds, playing him in that Wolverine flick or something. Based on his own merits, Deadpool is a don.

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REVIEW: Indie Game: The Movie (2012)


An interesting and touching look at some ego-maniacal douchebaskets who somehow think that their faces might explode if someone talks shit about their rushed ‘independent’ games.

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REVIEW: Murder Party (2007)


As I said in the previous post; different or well made is the only way to go for low budget horror. Murder Party was shot for almost no money at all and hits both of these points with a big mallet.

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