its all going on…

Some stuff that has been happening lately.

My current script is almost a completed first draft. Soon those zombie midgets will be coming at you like you wouldn’t believe. This is very exciting.

I just interviewed the excellent Spence Wright about Red Mist, his feelings on the genre and some of his coming attractions. Which was bloody brill. I cannot express what a legend this man is, besides chatting openly about his current projects the dude takes some time out to help me with one of my own I couldn’t get off the ground due to thinking too inside the box (like Gwyneth P). Everyone should pre-order a copy of Red Mist (at just because this dude is such a stand up guy. Expect big things.

I saw some excellent stills from the forthcoming Wrong Turn 3, and they got Three Finger right which puts the whole thing in good stead. I am pretty excited about this movie.

I also saw some great trailers this week. Devil’s Tomb looks awesome. How can a movie with Henry Rollins as a priest be anything but? Wait? There is more? Bill Mosely and Ron Perlman? Jesus, it is just gonna rock so hard.
The other trailer I saw which blew my mind was Smash Cut which has fucking HG Lewis in it. Imagine that! Getting the thumbs up from a legend of his stature! Basically they look awesome and will be awesome and if they aren’t awesome I will probably still love ’em on some level.

Mostly though, I am excited about this:zombie2

The idea of a zombie film festival hosted by Paddy and Marlon just boggles me to the max, especially as I used to live on the same road as Paddy. If I had known he was a zombie fiend, I would have been round there at all hours shoving VHS under his nose and smiling maniacally when I found the Dario Dawn cut for £1 at a second shop. You should probably come to this too, it is for charity (not Charity Dingle, fnarr fnarr) and there is rumour that they are showing The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue. Yes, you heard me right, they are showing one of the all time classic zombo flicks on a big screen.


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