Chicken. And. Broccoli.

So another rad weekend of radness under my belt.

Friday I saw a bunch of rad bands that I love and some that I hadn’t seen before. Generally, they were all great but We Happened Next are just god darn awesome, I could sit through their set four times over and still get my pyramid on. Here are some pictures from the night. One of me wailing Scholastic Deth’s Revenge Of The Nerds with WHN! One from during the Cool Runningz set and one of the Hammers stage invasion. RAD!revenge-nerds

My bands, Hot Wasps and Cool Runningz, played alright and without too many hitches… When it comes to Runningz, this is a lie. We fucked up loads and big time, even failing to nail our Misfits cover. The Danzig singalong was possibly one of the best things I have ever been a party to, I reckon we are going to bust out a classic singalong track every gig from now on. I had a rad old time playing bass, growling/screaming/grunting and bringing the party mosh in a tiny room.

I also saw Crank: High Voltage, which was just ridiculous. Completely impossible, stupid and jammed full of racial slurs that would shame the BNP. What a fucking ride though. I wish I could stop calling people “sausage nigels”, I am against the whole “gay as an insult” thing people do but this is just poetry. It is just a grindhouse movie made on a slightly higher budget and pitched at the masses, and that is why I loved both in the series so far. I am psyched about Crank 3D, which is sure to be the next nonsense installment.

I visited the place where the Brontes are from, and while it was pretty the coffee I had in a nice looking cafe was pretty shit. And all their cake was store bought not home made, which is fucking ridiculous at £2.50 a slice. I wanted to smash their heads in, but I didn’t instead I just grunted lots and tried not to make eye contact. Up the punx.

I sent Hannah on her way with a copy of Hitchcock’s Rope under her arm, she wanted to take The Brids but I want to be there when she first watches that sucker, so I wouldn’t let her have it.

I’m off to watch Fido, and order me some burgery take away with chips and onion rings. YES!

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I am genre movie watchin', punk rockin', blog updatin' rebel with a heart of gold.
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