My computer is going ape shit II

Another haiku:

What is wrong with this?
Jesus Fucking Cuntbag Christ!
At least index my music!

I found that Kevin Blechdom album for download and have listened to it. Sorry Kris, but it isn’t dole day until next week. I swear you and your label will get your grubby hands on someone’s hard earned tax dollars.
It is pretty darn good, it lacks the “WOW” of Eat My Heart Out but packs more of an emotional punch. Something in between the two would just about cause me to fill my pants with exciting and exotic jizzes.
Her voice has improved no end too. I remember once playing her cover of Private Dancer to my mum. Needless to say, my mum did a poo and then kicked me in the jaw (read: she hated it).
Anyway, this is good and will find its way into regular rotation in my music library once my computer stops its crusade to give me a hernia or a seizure or a sore shoulder from hurling the fucker out of the window.

Hannah is staying in a Hostel in Australia, she just texted me to tell me. She is probably going to get Wolf Creeked to death, what a horrifying thought. Gutted.
I also got an unconditional offer from UCLAN today for the remedial… I mean foundation journalism course. So I’m definitely going to be going to uni this year. I better start stocking up on stupid opinions and twattish friends. Here comes trouble.
My plan to be the oldest person working for a pretentious wanky twat mag is go.

Anyway, students could never be this cool:

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1 Response to My computer is going ape shit II

  1. stonecypher says:

    Students are definitely a bunch of twats. Luckily in September I’ll be able to count myself as a postgrad, which is TOTALLY different. Congrats on the offer to become one of the scummy ‘educated’ masses 😀

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