Turning into Jack Bauer…

So I turned 24, and it really was as anti-climactic as it could possibly get.

I don’t wanna be ungrateful or anything but outside of gifts from The Hannah, I got £35. Doesn’t make me feel special at all.
I spent my special day in bed and I watched Demolition Man, which was in no way as awesome as I remember it being. After the prologue, all the stuff up until the future embrace John Spartan was so clunky and forced. Once the action kicks back in, the movie was ok I guess.
I followed this up with the 2005 remake of Assault On Precinct 13, which was just bloody boring. The theme was just hammered down your throat using a massive cartoon mallet. Redemption is major themetic device used in these sort of action films and therefore it has nothing interesting to add to the genre, while simultaeneously besmirching JC’s original masterpiece.
Has anyone ever noticed that John Carpenter’s initials are the same as Jesus Christ? This could explain why every time I see one of his (pre-1997) flicks, I saw “Jesus Christ, that was awesome!”. I even said that after Memoirs Of An Invisible Man and sometimes I prefer Escape From LA to its predescessor, which obviously means I am fucking mental.

I didn't draw this, just found it on google.

I do, however, reckon that Snake Plissken in the single coolest character from the talkies. Even cooler than Buckaroo Banzai (but only just). Actually, thinking Snake is dead cool is probably really cliche and I am just pandering the total cult kid stereotype, but fuck it, the guy has got a badass eye patch and he doesn’t take any shit. Even from the president. So despite the fact he isn’t as tall as you might have thought, he is fucking awesome.

To appease my ultimate sadness at aging, aging, aging, I have been on on dvd buying binge. It has helped. Its been a while since I went out and bought an actual stack of dvds, and I had almost forgotten how. Same thing goes with Amazon, but I got there in the end and I am now the proud owner of twenty more movies.
Today I am heading into The Big City to buy a new hat, it is high time as it is generally too warm for floppy eared furry thing. I am thinking back to my yoof with a trucker cap. Lets see if I can one that is both awesome and that doesn’t make me look like a retard.

I have never watched 24. Ever.
Oh Jesus! That reminds me!
Did anyone see the Lost finale? I know some of you motherfuckers will have watched it! Holy Jesus Fuck, how awesome was it. Lets just say I cried and was wowed.
I think before I hit university, I might have to watch Lost again from the beginning.
Also season three of Dexter was pretty damn awesome too.

Carrutherstock this weekend, if you are in Manchester on Saturday night and want to hear some thrash/drink some IPA then get to The Clap Trap. Message me for directions, and all that.

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I am genre movie watchin', punk rockin', blog updatin' rebel with a heart of gold.
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