For these last few days it has been hot as a motherfucker, I’ve been sat in my room careful not to use any energy at all and still sweating around twice my mass out (that is a lot!). I’ve used this opportunity to catch up on some movies and stuff. Wait, that is kind of a lie, I used the opportunity to continue watching all the movies I was going to watch anyway.

Anyway, I got into to university. I had to write an entrance essay, you wanna read it? Here it is:

The difference between Public Interest news, and news that the public is interested in.

It is easy to be flippant when discussing the news that the masses find appealing, whether it being the impending divorce of Katie Price and Peter Andre or the latest faux pas made by housemate X on Big Brother 600 but the issue of what constitutes public interest news is a difficult one to pin down definitively.

In The Public Interest, Media and Privacy, a report written in 2002, Prof. David E. Morrison and Michael Svennevig state that there is no clear definition for ‘public interest’ but suggest that public interest news may be relating to “crime, health, national security and, so on”. The authors go on to discuss the debate surrounding different sections of society’s differing interests, which is a contentious subject indeed. It is touched upon in the essay that some people believe that the role of the news media is to report on both news that is in the public interest and information regarding events that may not have importance to the lives of the public, but are merely to entertain.

Some stories presented in the public interest are, in fact, entertainment pieces and vice versa. Some issues have the ability to almost weave within the two, most recently the issue of politician’s expenses has been widely reported on and, depending on the forum discussing it, has been presented as a tabloid issue or as an informative issue. I compared The Sun’s coverage of the story regarding Tony Blair’s expenses claim of £7000 for roof repairs in his final days as PM, with that of The Telegraph. The story from The Telegraph is presented as fact, with all the information laid out requiring the reader to formulate their own opinion; where as The Sun’s piece was laced with contempt for the erstwhile PM and was clearly leading the reader to formulate the author’s opinion.

Although the difference between public interest news and news that the public is interested in is not a question of tabloid versus broadsheet, it certainly appears that a larger percentage of content in red top publications is there for entertainment purposes than in the broadsheets. I think the real difference between the two types of news discussed exists within the tone of a piece, if a report is presented impartially to inform the public then I believe that this constitutes public interest news; Conversely, if a story has been written with the opinion of the author written through it then this constitutes entertainment.

So that was the essay that got me into uni. Upon reflection, I don’t think it is very good at all but fuck it. Someone obviously dug it.

In other news, Hot Wasps played our first show and it was really awesome. Everyone’s first gigs should be supporting on of your favourite bands, I reckon that it is how it should be. So we played ok, the best we were going to, Lemuria were excellent (the singer is hella cute!). But the real stars were Get Serious, we lost our drummer to them just as we were getting going and I was a bit upset about it back in the day. I kinda wanted them to be a bit rubbish, but they weren’t! The fuckers! Excellent fun poppy, widdly, girl-vocally punk! Check ’em out.

Uh, that is about all I have to say. Its been ages since I wrote a blog and this is just a bridger until I think of something excellent to write about. Have a picture of me in a kilt (sans beard!):

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