(AKA I quoted Less Than Jake in my blog title and now I am afraid the cool kids will eject me from the scene)

Things are happening. Awesome things. A couple of shitty things too.

Awesome things:Image0005

  • Dead Mills have imposed some serious goals and we will hit them, and then hit you. In your fucking face. There should be a demo (Remi calls it a deeeemo, cos he is a foreign) coming in the new year and a shit ton more gigs! Fucking awesome, no? Well its awesome for me. Fuck you.
  • I found all my notes I made for a feature about killer flying books. This is too excellent, as it was one of my favourite things I ever wrote. Now alls I need to do is fucking start it again from scratch because it is fucking awful, innit.
  • I’ve got this fucking job where I can see as many free bastard movies as I want to. All I have to do to qualify is work way too many fucking hours. Seriously. Next week I am going to be fucking dead.
  • I wrote one of my stories for my course though, and it is shit hot. I spoke to tonnes of people and all sorts of awesome shit. Its worth more than top marks, I’m expecting a fucking Pullitzer.
  • Fucking Jack Chop (still).
  • Living in Manchester is so much radder than I thought it would be, despite too much working. I get to hang with the raddest dudes I know whenever I want and go to gigs and shit like that. Burnley is great (if you like that sort of thing), some of the people there are the best guys around, but there was like one venue and they weren’t too forthcoming with putting on some fucking punk rock. So fuck them. And fuck Burnley.
  • 4Kids are making another feature length Turtles cartoon. This sounds boring, but somehow the 2003 turtles have to team up with 1987 turtles. That is just about the coolest thing I have ever heard. Even cooler than that time when Marty Scorsese wanted to make a movie of my life.
  • TV is fucking awesome. I am making my way through the X Files again, from season 1. I’m like ten episodes in so far, and there were shit tonnes of cameos and small roles that I never recognised before. Like Seth Green. And the chick from Starry Night. Word on Twitter street is that Jables will pop up soon. Thats fucking rad. Also the show is boss too. There was only one episode I thought  was a bit shitty out of the ten I have watched. Yay for X Files.
  • Gorepress is doing sweet! I fucking love it. We should have some exciting interviews and features coming up, which is ace.

Shitty things:Image0016

  • Hot Wasps have taken an break for a few months. We are gonna come back together, record our songs and then see if we want to carry on. This is sad times. Hot Wasps is like the most fun I’ve ever had in a band. N’yahhh well. Fuck being busy though. Fuck it right up in there.
  • Did I mention working all the fucking time? Jesus, that isn’t cool at all! What the fuck?
  • Postal strike is pretty bad times, but if it delays the bills then it can’t be all bad, eh?
  • Uh, global hunger.
  • Other sad shit.

Deal with it, chuckleheads. I’m fucking hungry.

About dangerousjamie

I am genre movie watchin', punk rockin', blog updatin' rebel with a heart of gold.
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  1. Remi Dazet says:

    You forgot to mention that the deeeemo will be full of baking vocals.

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