I keep seeing the trailer for Planet 51 while I am in work.
Have you all seen it?

I can only assume that the movie is an allegory for Imperialist Britain, waltzing into uncharted countries, ignoring the inidiginous population and planting the fucking flag in the name of INGERLUND!
I literally cannot see it being about anything else. The dude lands on this planet that is clearly inhabited, I mean there are frigging houses everywhere. Even your dumbest astro-tard could spot that. And the family about to have a barbeque, seriously, the dude should have seen that shit. It really angers me.
Take a look:

Also my dad just called me to tell me that he knows a guy who works as an editor on a horror magazine, and this guy said he “will do anything he can to help me out”. This is awesome news. Even if dad doesn’t know the name of the mag.


I don’t wanna sound ungrateful or anything, but I have been into horror movies since I was like 9 or whatever. Plus I have been trying to persue a career in film based journalism for at least a year. Dad could have mentioned it a bit sooner.
Fuck that though, incredible news. I will keep you posted. Whether you like it or not.

Dead Mills wrote a new song last night. It is miiiint.

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I am genre movie watchin', punk rockin', blog updatin' rebel with a heart of gold.
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