How many radio shows start with the sentence “So, I got drunk…”

I got drunk the other day, and woke up with a radio show. Which was today. There were fat technical difficulties at the beginning, but I got it started about 40 minutes late.
I think it went pretty well.

Here is the set I played in full, if any of those folks who listened want to check some stuff out or want to recreate the show by doing impressions of me not knowing what I’m doing:

Duke Nukem Forever – Balls Deep
Conga Fury – Your Personal
Charles Bronson – xdumbfucksx
Das Oath – Scrapped
Hammers – Host To Billions Of Parasites
Tragedy – Force Of Law
From Ashes Rise – Inner Beast
The Ergon Carousel – Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing When You Don’t Mean It
Reth – Decarthexis
Narcosis – If Being A Cunt Was People, You’d Be China
Iron Lung – Pig Hands
Straight Edge Kegger – Self Esteem Doesn’t Equal Self Worth
Hammer Attack – Without Me
SSS – Overload
Skitsystem – Human Waste
Infest – Masochism
Fuck On The Beach – Fuck On The Beach
Jonathan Ross – Even Faster
Severed Head Of State – Prayer
Disfear – Spectre Of Genocide
See You Next Tuesday – Seed Of Augusta
Magrudergrind – Served Chunky Blood Instead Of Marinara Sauce
Voetsek – Null & Void
Surf Nazis Must Die – I’m Not Anti Girls, Girls Are Anti Me
Rainbow Of Death – Turbonekronomcom
Mind Of Asian – I Feel The Earth Move
R.A.M.B.O. – If Our Leader Are Impotent Only The People Can Rise
Limp Wrist – I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore
Waco Fuck – The Path Of Self Righteousness
LxExAxRxNx – Its Time To LxExAxRxNx
Spazz – Chris Pooped At The Skatepark
Cut The Shit – I Hate Fashion
Final Draft – Lacirated Logically
Pompous Hardcore – Help Me Slut
Jesus Of Spazzereth – Kill The Blacksmith
Romantic Gorilla – Ha. Na. Ge
Hammers – Odin’s Doom
Crossed Out – Force Of Habit
Dropdead – The Circle Complete
Skitkids – Ackliga Javlar
Tragedy – Night Falls
Wolfbrigade – Prophet Of Woe
Fall Of Efrafa – Last But Not Least

Tune in next week UK 3pm til 5pm (thats 10am – 12 EST) at


About dangerousjamie

I am genre movie watchin', punk rockin', blog updatin' rebel with a heart of gold.
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