Radio Playlist From 27/01/10

Here is the full playlist from todays radio show, for those who heard it and want more.

Antischism – Slaughter
Leng T’che – I’m Afraid Of People
Anal Discharge – Gash Rash
Noose – Symptoms
Unholy Grave – Suicide Mission
Rampant Decay – Love Potion #213
Coffins – Under The Stench
Reth – Decarthexis
Narcosis – On A Promise Of A Total Beating
Phobia – Youth Of Today
Look Back And Laugh – Midwest Train Wrek
Burned Up Bled Dry – Convenient To Pathetic
Assuck – In Absence
Magrudergrind – Blood Covered Hands
Modern Problems – TV Eyes
Iron Lung – Autojector
Duke Nukem Forever – L.A.R.D.
Charles Bronson – Stock Footage
Rainbow Of Death – Hello! Candy Kill
Conga Fury – Your Personal
Limp Wrist – Fake Fags
Apathetic Ronald McDonald – Fuck That Gimme Waffles
LxExAxRxNx – DIY
Anxiety Attack – Lost Way
R.O.C – Torso Boy
Betercore – Freedom?
Brody’s Militia – Commit Suicide
Capitalist Casualties – Insecurities
Asshole Parade – Soldiers/Problems
Hombrinus Dudes – I Didn’t Say Shit
Fuck On The Beach – Throat Or Die
Das Oath – All The Songs Have Been Sung
Surf Nazis Must Die – Be Like Me And Mr. T
Bruce Banner – Demon
Infest – Sick And Tired
Assfactor 4 – The Weight
The We Happened Next! cassette
Hammers – Snow
No Comment – Modern Moses
Dropdead – Hopeless
Skitsystem – Nar Ska Ni Fatta?
Aus Rotten – The System Works For Them
Disfear – Min Elegi
Tragedy – The Intolerable Weight
Severed Head Of State – Kuitenkin Kuolemme
Skiplickers – Disease
Wolfbrigade – Digging Graves
Bolt Thrower – For Victory
Killie – Lyrics Will Not Reach The Audience

This week was a particularly rad show, but tune in next week for more brutal thrash, powerviolence, crust, d-beat, grindcore and maybe a bit more screamo too.
Wednesdays at 10am EST (3pm in the UK) on!
See you there, rad dudes.

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I am genre movie watchin', punk rockin', blog updatin' rebel with a heart of gold.
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