A Bit Of An Update

Because of the way I write two or three big reviews and then have to focus on other stuff that may be slightly more important, such as uni, Gorepress or leaving the house, I have made a decision.

Instead of the occasional in depth review that I bust out, I’m setting myself a challenge to review every film I watch from now until infinity in 200 words or less. This means I can double up on stuff that I review for Gorepress and Frightfest too. It also means anything from two posts a day, which is fucking daunting. Don’t worry though, because I will still chuck out big reviews when I feel like it and when they deserve it.

First two quick reviews coming up, Law Abiding Citizen and Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.

While you’re here, don’t forget to favourite Gorepress, follow me on Twitter, check out my Facebook, and wash your hands.

About dangerousjamie

I am genre movie watchin', punk rockin', blog updatin' rebel with a heart of gold.
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