QUICK REVIEW: Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

Remember Troy Duffy? The guy with the golden future who managed to mess it all up by basically being the biggest ass he could be, well he is back. In a manner of speaking. Clearly clinging to his one stab at success (he also renamed his band The Boondock Saints), he returns with this low budget, and clearly independent of studio control, sequel to his original. Reuniting the main cast must have been costly, but without Harvey’s hand on his shoulder Duffy fails to get a decent performance out of a single person who even drifts in front of the camera. The avenging angel brothers are brought out of hiding by a hit made to look like them, from some gangster wanting revenge, although none of that matters at all.

It was Duffy’s exciting script that made the original ooze pseudo-Irish cool, this feels like an angsty, sweary kid has tried to emulate that style with almost no success at all. Sure, it is action packed. Sure, it’s chock full of bloody violence. But any religious subtext was checked at the door, rendering this an entirely futile grab at the limelight. Hardcore fans of the original may enjoy it, but everyone else leave it be.


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