QUICK REVIEW: Law Abiding Citizen

A post Saw revenge thriller with the surprisingly varied, Scottish shouter, Gerard Butler, and Denzel-pretender, Jamie Foxx. Law Abiding Citizen follows a seemingly ordinary man who perceives himself as wronged by the justice system, except Clyde isn’t the schlubby loser he appears to be. It turns out he is a genius tactician who was utilised by the US Government as an assassin. Its all totally believable, honest. What attempts to be an intelligent game off cat and mouse, descends into a convoluted, and mostly brainless, maze of explosions, exposition and set pieces. Butler ghollers all the usual revenge thriller dialogue through steely eyes and gritted teeth, while Foxx plays it as the cool cat showing his extensive range (sarcasm here, folks). Foxx is particularly effective, I just he would take another role for a change.
The bizarre murderous contraptions and the frankly ridiculous pay off removed Law Abiding Citizen from any reality known to us, and placed it firmly in the realms of fantasia. This eventually causes a potentially effective and exciting  thrill ride to be nothing more than a dumb popcorn chomper complete with ultra-gore. Worth a watch, but ultimately devoid of substance.


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