QUICK REVIEW: Fantastic Mr. Fox

As a fan of Wes Anderson’s older movies, I thoroughly expected to enjoy this offering. I didn’t though. Given a fairly hefty budget and an unhealthy dose of sheer arrogance, Anderson manages to craft his most self indulgent film to date. The plot follows reformed poacher Mr. Fox relapsing into his life of crime with sidekick possum, Kylie, which has unforeseen consequences to not only his own family, but the entire surrounding habitat. Created by clearly loving hands, it looks sublime but the cocksure Mr. Fox and the rest of his tribe are the most difficult protagonists to like this side of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
Clearly not really for kids (Mr. Fox and Kylie discuss existentialism to a degree that would leave any normal child entirely dumfounded), Anderson’s take on the Roald Dahl classic had me yawning at around the one hour mark, and nearly snoozing by the end. Someone needs to be on call to reign in Anderson’s trademark kookiness to ensure a more well rounded piece for next please. A discussion to be had later may include whether replacing a swear with another word makes it any less offensive.


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