Tron: Legacy Trailer Reaction

So, I’m pretty excited about this new Tron movie for no good reason. Sure, when I was a nipper I loved Tron but looking back at it on a recent re-watch, I couldn’t tell you why. It is slower than Artax in the Swamp of Sadness, and the computer effects (while probably light years ahead of their time) have dated so much that you would think they are the prettiest slut in school.

But really, I am excited, because I know that a movie that continues that story has the potential to be interesting, exciting, and awesome. Although, I have to be honest, I am a bit confused by the canon. Maybe someone can explain when Flynn re-digitsed and sent back to the computerland? Please bear in mind that I am the casual Tron guy (but not the Tron Guy), so my knowledge of stuff isn’t fanboy level.

Anyway, here is my moment by moment trailer reaction:

0:01 – Disney? Are they still going?
0:12 – That kid looks scared and confused… Hey wait, I recognise that voice!
0:17 – This kid is pretty handy on a motorbike, I wonder if that will translate well to light cycle racing…
0:25 – I want to go to there.
0:31 – Even with the full functionality of the internet, I don’t believe someone can page a number from a disconnected line.
0:39 – When did he disappear? I’m so confused.
0:44 – Of course he left him, in this post Abrams Star Trek world, you can’t have Kirk (or even Kirk-lite) without daddy issues.
0:52 – Oh wisecracks, you’re just like your father.
1:12 – Why do people insist on leaving digitiser rays pointing directly at computer chairs? Surely they know it could be dangerous.
1:16 – Woo! Recogniser!
1:19 – Kirk-lite has got his head (and body) in the game.
1:27 – Sexy lady program, maybe she escaped from Leisure Suit Larry.
1:32 – Oooh! Baddies! Hang on, the MCP is gone… Who is the antagonist? Intrigued, much.
1:39 – Light cycles can turn corners now? Boo! Hiss!
2:11 – Okay, well corner turning light cycles do look pretty exciting.

The overall feeling, post-trailer, is one of confused excitement. If anyone can put me straight on my points of confusion, I would be very grateful.

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