Mega Piranha trailer reaction bonanza!

So, my last trailer reaction (Tron: Legacy) seemed pretty popular with the kids, and though I didn’t plan on making it a regular thing I have just seen the trailer for Mega Piranha. As soon as I saw it, I lost my shit and posted it everywhere I hang out on the interweb. I figured I would stick it here too. No posts in weeks and then two in one day? Yeah, I know I am an inconsistent bastard, fuck all y’all.

First, check the trailer:

0:01 – The Asylum? Fuck. Yes.
0:10 – Quick cuts and shitty production values… This either doesn’t bode well at all, or bodes really, really well.
0:17 – Who the fuck is doing that voice over? It’s just about the cheesiest voice/delivery ever!
0:20 – It was a giant piranha!
0:21 – Why is their a hanging shot of a confused looking dude with dreadlocks?
0:23 – Oh my CGI!
0:25 – Worse? How could this get any worse?
0:27 – Oh, that’s how! A giant fish headbutting the most cardboard looking buildings I have ever seen. I’m pretty certain I will love this movie!
0:30 – Some exposition over a giant fish montage. Best to get that talky shit out of the way early, we all want to see the killer fish destroy film.
0:31 – Wait, was that fucking Tiffany?
0:34 – I’m pretty sure that fish just looked into my soul.
0:38 – Watching Glen Reiber kick fish in the face pretty much makes me the person I wish I was all of the time.
0:41 – Piranha and laser guns! Can this get better?
0:42 – I’m pretty sure that effect was done on Microsoft Paint.
0:49 – This kinda looks like it is straight from
0:54 – FIRE!
1:01 – No, you’re fish food!
1:03 – Not as good as the sharky/plane stuff from Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus, but still stupid awesome.
1:09 – That really is Tiffany! When did she turn into Hoggle from Labyrinth?
1:18 – I am so stoked on this.

Fuck, this movie looks terrible! I literally cannot wait to see it. If you hadn’t guessed I loved Mega Shark, sure it was no Shark Attack 3: Megadalon, but it was fucking awesome!
Can you tell I am excited?

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1 Response to Mega Piranha trailer reaction bonanza!

  1. Aaron says:

    This looks amazing. You know, in about 15 or 20 years from now, these will be looked back on as classics. And Christ, what the fuck happened to Tiffany. Whacking off to her issue of Playboy will never be the same again after seeing her ugly mug in this trailer. By the way, glad to see you blogging again, dude!

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