So, I know it isn’t Christmas but…

I wanted to share my favourite piece of British TV ever. I’m not a big telly guy, I tend to catch stuff a while after it has been out, on dvd or by other means, but when I saw this at Xmas ’04 it instantly rocked me to my very core. It’s just about the funniest take on the nativity ever, especially if you are a fan of Snuff Box, The IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh, and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (which is easily top 5 British comedy series).

You should take 30 minutes to watch it here (or buy the DVD):

Tim Wynde’s seminal retelling of the nativity through the eyes of the innkeeper punctuated with rock is just mind-blowing. Featuring performances from Tim Wynde himself, dancer C.T. Hommerton, The Purple Explosion’s Roger Kinsman, and Maria Preston Bush, and such breakout hits as Travelin’ Down From Galilee, Back Talking Street Walking Mumbo And Jive and Being An Innkeeper’s Wife.

AD/BC lampoons everything about 70’s musicals so adeptly, the music is spot on, the recurring falsetto gags are perfect, the set design ludicrous.
It is actually just fucking hilarious, starring the incredible Matt Berry, the next big comedy superstar, Richard Ayoade, and the tour-de-legs, Julian Barratt. I have nothing much else to say about it, other than you should just watch it, it’s brilliant.

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