I drew a flyer #1

I’ve decided to use this blog for general stuff as well as film reviews, meaning you will get inane bullshit from my life in here, maybe some music reviews too, and this new music based podcast I’ve decided to do.

Here is a flyer I drew for Moving North for a show I happen to be playing. If you’re in the area then you should come on down, and if you aren’t then you should come to the area. I’m not actually very good at drawing, so I decided to go with R2D2 because of the simplistic shape. I totally fluked the perspective. I think it looks pretty good.

Here is an older on that I also did for Moving North, people didn’t like this one so much. I don’t think they knew who it was.

I should mention that Hannah helped out by scanning them in, disguising the fact that I draw on lined paper (it makes it easier to keep track of what I am doing!), and adding colour. So, thank Hannah!

I’ve been asked to do another one, which is both flattering and daunting. I’ll pop that one up when it gets done.

About dangerousjamie

I am genre movie watchin', punk rockin', blog updatin' rebel with a heart of gold.
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2 Responses to I drew a flyer #1

  1. Kally says:

    You even put the Statue of Liberty in as a clue! Kids today, eh?

    I do think that pic looks a little bit like you as Snake Plissken though, rather than Kurt Russell.

    • dangerousjamie says:

      I am Snake Plissken.

      Someone actually asked me why the statue of libert was “down there”. Kids today, indeed!

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