Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the wonderful Pubertina!

I happened across a short animated film a couple of days ago, and I just can’t let it lie. I’ve chucked it all over my twitter, sent every friend I could think of to check it, and still found time to watch it thirty or forty times. Emily Brundige is a student at CalArts, and I believe this is the end result of some sort of project for there. Or something.

Pubertina is the story of a young girl and her ascent into womanhood. Beautifully animated in a variety of styles, As a twenty five year old male, I have never once bled from my vagina, yet I still find this incredibly relatable. We have all been lost at some point, struggling to understand our own bodies and the emotions that go with it. Pubertina captures that perfectly, through a childlike innocence.
Emily has really set herself apart from the current crop of animating talent. She is also wonderfully personable on her blog and incredibly cute (for example, see here). Her love of the toons of yore and her clear modernist tendencies show her as a star in the making. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.
Also, check out her sweet pipes! She sounds kind of like Kevin Blechdom on The Pubertina Song, which is never ever a bad thing. There is more of her singing, pianoing and other instrumenting on her blog, which I linked up there, remember? You should probably check it out, it’s full of great drawings and musings and pictures of her (ack!) boooy-friieeend (ptooie!).

Emily Brundige, this bud’s for you.

Here is the short film, I hope Emily doesn’t mind me posting it here.

(Youtube video as I couldn’t get the damn Vimeo thing to embed, the bastard)

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2 Responses to Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the wonderful Pubertina!

  1. Emily says:

    Haha, thank you so much, Jamie! No one has ever written up a review of me before…I am honored! I will immediately forward this article to my mother.

    Also, this is neither here nor there, but to set the record straight, there is no boyfriend, unless you count Old Child.

    • dangerousjamie says:

      I am glad that I am the first. Apparently you always remember the first.

      I don’t count Old Child… Should I? Do I need to put my alpha male suit on?
      Seriously though, sorry for getting the wrong end of what could potentially be a very mucky stick.

      I can’t wait for Pubertina II: Menopauline.

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