New Tim Kasher, Jamie behind the times

Those of you who know me, know I have a couple of favourite bands ever. One is The Dead Milkmen, one is Misfits. The actual pinnacle of favourite bandiness for me is Cursive. I love Cursive so damn much, even though I still haven’t gotten into Mama, I’m Swollen properly. I’m spinning it right now, trying to get a handle on it. The same thing happened with Happy Hollow, I hated it at first. Stupid new direction. These days, it is my favourite Cursive album.

So anyway, Tim Kasher has had a couple of other bands along the way, not least Commander Venus. Who I freaking love with all my heart, even after the Bright Eyes fixation moved on. But I just got wind of an actual Tim Kasher solo record, which is exciting me no end despite the fact it was announced in August and I somehow managed to miss it until literally just now.

The album is called The Game Of Monogamy, which sounds like classic Kasher to me. Some people might think that he may be milking his divorce a little bit, what with Cursive’s Domestica and The Good Life’s Album Of The Year, as well as countless other releases, predicated on that particular event. Hell, I might go as far as to say he writes as many songs about his divorce as he does about writing songs. Either way, I am excited for this album!

The Game Of Monogamy lands in stores on October 5th, but if you pre-order through the Saddle Creek site, you can here it streamed on September 13th, and get an mp3 download on the 21st! I’ve already pre-ordered.

I stole the track listing from Pitchfork:

01 Monogamy Overture
02 A Grown Man
03 I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here
04 Strays
05 Cold Love
06 Surprise, Surprise
07 There Must Be Something I’ve Lost
08 Bad, Bad Dreams
09 No Fireworks
10 The Prodigal Husband
11 Monogamy

According to the write up on the Saddle Creek site, the album is “the score to our sexual plight” and seems to be a fictionalised, although self-reflective) account of a character going through some emotional times. Apparently, it doesn’t sound like Cursive or The Good Life, which is interesting. Kasher has roped in members of Minus The Bear, Cursive and Glacier National Symphony for extra instrumentation.

You can download Cold Love from the Saddle Creek site (I can’t get the fucking thing to embed).

And you can hear the, frankly, soul wrecking A Grown Man live here on youtube (which has been there for almost two years, that makes me feel a bit sick):

Isn’t that first song just so intense, heartbreaking and facemeltingly honest. Tim Kasher has amazed me again, just when I think he has run out of real emotion (and starts to focus on the emotions of fiction) he pulls something like this out. I freaking can’t wait for this album to land.

Oh, PS: I listened to Mama, I’m Swollen as I was writing this and I have realised that with a few more listens I will be fully in love.

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