I don’t like ska, but…

I kind of actually do, when it’s good and fun and not shit.

One of the ska bands I really dug/secretly dig was Catch 22, particularly the earlier stuff before they got a different vocalist, and everyone left. Anyway, they split up a bunch of time ago and went off and did different things. One such thing was Streetlight Manifesto, who never really lit my fire, which is probably down to the fact that I just tend to ignore or avoid ska punk stuff that isn’t NOFX or Borders & Boundaries by Less Than Jake (holy fuck, I love that album). But anyway, I found over at Punk News that SM are doing some sort of covers album… Well yeah, they are a ska band. That’s just what they do, isn’t it? Actually, they are doing it in conjunction with three other bands that share members, I believe. I heard one of the tracks, and it is dead loads good.

I love the Radiohead original but I am not beholden to it like all those Radiohead superfan 99s. So here is the Streetlight Manifesto cover of Just, taken from the album 99 Songs Of Revolution: Volume 1. It might be worth noting that also on this release are covers of The Dead Milkmen’s Punk Rock Girl(!), Linoleum by NOFX and Such Great Heights from The Postal Service.

The video was directed by Henrik Sønniksen, in a really excellent, almost Gary Baseman-esque style. I really love it. Here is another joyful picture that I ripped off from Sønniksen’s blog:

Also take some time to watch the short he made with Benjiman Nielsen about killer vegetables, vaguely reminiscent of the fridge in Pee Wee’s Playhouse but with a much more dark turn:

I really enjoy his aesthetic, although it isn’t wholly original. Keep it up, fella! I want more.

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