Saw 3D: The trailer of doom and stuff

I’ve not done one of these in a while, so I figured when I finally got around to watching the new Saw 3D trailer, I would whip one out. It didn’t start off well because I had to install quicktime again in order to watch it on the apple site in all it’s glory. I have to warn you that I haven’t seen the last bunch of Saw flicks, the last one I saw was IV, I think, at some screening in London (it wasn’t very good…), so don’t judge me for not knowing stuff or being naive or whatever else, yeah?

0.01 – Green band? This doesn’t bode well.
0.14 – The last act?! They are finally putting it to bed? I wouldn’t count on it…
0.19 – Some dude who looks kind of like Bruno is attached to a circular saw in a store front… Okay, you got me. I’m vaguely interested.
0.28 – Oh brother, that 3D graphic looked like Duke Nukem.
0.33 – Did I miss the movie that killed Chester Bennington?! It might be time to watch some Saw movies.
0.45 – At least it is actually shot in 3D.
0.49 – This trailer is dumb, that won’t actually happen in the cinema so why bother? It kind of reminds me of that “THIS IS DVD” commercial that appeared on videos that compared the quality of VHS to DVD (on a VHS!) and made some dude go “WOOO!” Dumb advert.
0.54 – Eye-poke-o-rama! I’m pretty into it…
0.56 – “WILL YOU SURVIVE?” YES, because in the words of the original Last House On The Left tagline, “it’s only the seventh movie in a franchise of increasingly tenuous and yawn inducing traps, twists, and bit parts from reality TV winners”.
1.00 – Too much Pigface. The beauty (and the scariness) comes from only seeing it in flashes, no?
1.02 – Ohhh, so THIS is the one that kills Chester Bennington! I’m in, add me to the grosses now, Lionsgate.

Overall, the trailer looks like it is for one of those 4D theme park attractions where dudes through water on you and stuff, you know what I mean? But whatever, people will go to see it in their droves and then bitch about it online. To me. And I will probably do the same.

I have to admit that I really enjoy how literal the posters are…

This particular one reminds me of DJ Pauly D, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why…

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3 Responses to Saw 3D: The trailer of doom and stuff

  1. L. Moss says:

    I find your running commentary quite amusing, I need to start paying more attention to your blog. I’m interested to know what you think about this trailer for Scar 3D, it looks like a lot of fun and I’ve been hearing good things:

    • dangerousjamie says:

      That’s a really well put together trailer, but the film is absolute dogger. I saw it at a fest in London a few years back. I’m pretty sure it has a dvd release, in the UK at least.
      The 3D was rubbish and massively underused, one pointy syringe and some bouncy boobs do not a 3D feature make!

      Also thanks for your sorta kinda compliment!

  2. EmilyI says:

    I’ve seen all the Saws, most in the theater, and have become something of the reluctant activist for these films. They’re not great, but hey: it’s a franchise with far more creativity and story than anything that ever happened in 12 Friday the 13ths. I HATED part 5-worst in the series without question, but I genuinely enjoyed 6. It has a lot of the same problems as all the others, but it had new energy, a somewhat noble goal (universal healthcare!) and some bitchin’ traps, plus a twist I actually didn’t see coming. Since it’s the same director for 3D (despite the fact Lions Gate had to pry his hands off of Paranormal Activity 2) I’m all for this movie.

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