Trailervision: The Dark Knight Rises.

Holy shit!

So this has been out for a day or two now, and yeah I was one of the arseholes that couldn’t wait for the good quality version so I took a quick peak at the poor quality bad boy that escaped for a few hours.

Obviously I’m stoked, it’s a fucking Batman movie. But beyond that, there is so much to be excited about. The visuals look stunning (duh, it’s Nolan)! Is that Ra’s Al Ghul doing the voice over at the beginning? Are people chanting “Mátelo! Mátelo! Bane! Bane!” (Kill him! Kill him! Bane! Bane!) while the Bat and the Lucha face off? Is Jim Gordon referencing that the presence of the Batman means that villains have to ‘up their game’ in terms of wackiness? I think this applies doubly in a post-Joker world.

No sign of Anne Hathaway in the trailer though. And I’m not convinced on what we see of Bane’s mask/venom dispenser thingy.

All in all, a great teaser trailer. It teases you perfectly. I’d be happy to not see anything else now until the flick comes out.

Fun fact: In Batman: The Animated Series, Bane was voiced by the incredible movie tough guy, Henry Silva.

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