Classic scenes in bad movies: Samurai Cop

Samurai Cop is the special kind of terrible flick that just doesn’t quit. It goes on and on just being terrible with a streak of entertainment through the middle that is impossible to deny. It’s stars a bunch of no-name Fabio types, black stereotypes, and weird Eastern/Mexican crime bosses. Oh, and the walking chin, Robert Z’Dar. He has a beard though, and he kind of looks a bit handsome. I was conflicted. The Samurai Cop doesn’t really do much samurai stuff. He shoots guns a bunch, and sometimes punches henchmen in the head, but only occasionally does he pick up the Katana sword and show us how he earned his name. I love this movie.

In this scene, the titular Samurai Cop (AKA Joe Marshall) and his “burnt-ass” partner storm into the villains favourite restaurant to say some racist things really awkwardly. Almost like he is reading it from a card.

This scene has everything, chock full of casual racism, ace lawyering, Z’Dar based chin-gurning, and the worst pick-up line since Shark Attack 3.

Watch, and love:

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