REVIEW: Enemy Mine (1985)

Dennis Quaid stars as an arrogant intergalactic fighter planet force to befriend with a member of the Drac, the alien lifeform locked in a space war with Earth, in this re-telling of John Boorman’s Hell In The Pacific.

Quaid isn’t the most versatile of actors playing, as he does, varying levels of Dennis Quaidiness. Mostly this seems to mean playing the flawed hero, which he continues within Enemy Mine, although showing a touch more depth than usual. The real stars of this film are the production designers, who have created lavish, expansive environments that outshine most other sci-fi flicks of the day.

Message sci-fi is always in abundance and while Enemy Mine lays it all on a bit thick, it still works. It seems even more heavy-handed than the Lee Marvin flick from which it apes most of it’s material, probably due to the fact it is presented in a sci-fi setting which usually counts subtlety higher on it’s agenda. But Enemy Mine manages to be a balanced, enjoyable epic with heart.

Sure it’s at least 20 minutes too long, but fuck it, it’s just awesome.


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