REVIEW: The Innkeepers (2011)

I love Ti West’s movies. The Roost was awesome, House of the Devil was a masterpiece, heck, I even loved Cabin Fever 2. So imagine my excitement for The Innkeepers, a ghost flick from the best new horror director on the scene. Go on, imagine it. I’ll wait.

I guess going into it with that frame of mind meant I was destined for disappointment, and that is exactly where I ended up. Sure, it’s directed with a keen eye and a taste for the classics. Sure, the effects are well realised and the performances are strong. Sure, Kelly McGillis in a towel made me rethink the bad things I said about how the years hadn’t been kind to her whilst watching Stake Land for the first time. All those things were fine. The problem was in the story. It just didn’t make any fucking sense to me. So many dangling threads and McGuffins left me dazed from convoluted storytelling and pointless scenes.

Seeing West’s signature throwback style in a modern context was jarring but enjoyable, and while the modern setting took a bit of getting used to, it was fun to hear West’s characters talking about modern stuff.

If anybody who is looking for quotes for the film’s marketing, this is for you:

It’s Ghostbusters meets The Shining!

Please put my name and quote on a poster, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. Make a fat kid happy this January 3rd.


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