REVIEW: Being Elmo: A Puppeteers Journey (2011)

This was a heartwarmingly twee documentary tracing the career of Muppeteer Kevin Clash, most known for his tenure as the childlike Elmo. Making puppets from a very early age, it seemed that Clash was destined for Henson Studios from the very start.

It’s a very convenient story, if this were about any other topic I would most likely be a bit cynical but I buy this completely. Clash comes across as such a loving and likable soul, it would be almost impossible not to be taken up in his winds of joy. Being Elmo fleetingly touches on some of his darker moments, such as him not being there for a lot of his daughters younger years, but it doesn’t linger on them at all. This is probably the biggest flaw in the film for me. The filmmakers clearly decided the story they wanted to tell, and didn’t need too much darkness getting in the way. What they ended up with is a delightful and emotive look not only into career path of one puppeteer, but the openness and generosity of the entire Henson clan. Just brilliant.


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