REVIEW: Mother’s Day (2010)

Darren Lynn Bousman, he of many Saw sequels, brings us this remake of the Troma favourite, and it’s pretty good, y’know. It’s a home invasion tale with a twisted matriarch at it’s core and some wince-inducingl violence for window dressing.

The viciousness of the gore punctuates a reasonably tense flick. Obviously, it’s formulaic as heck. Bad guys seek shelter, fuck shit up, mom comes, shit gets fucked up more efficiently. It’s the story as old as time. But it works.

It’s not ‘scary’ and it’s not ‘fun’, but when the brutal shit happens, it really happens. Even as a seasoned gore hound I found myself audibly sighing and squinting. Bousman is actually pretty reserved too, and that is definitely the key.

It’s no classic, but it’s worth a watch.


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