REVIEW: Howard The Duck (1986)

Classic flops don’t come any cultier than this, do they? It’s got everything: A big name cast, a little guy in a duck suit, gut-eating aliens, Tim Robbins not being able to find the his act switch, and to top it all off, duck nipples. I spend a lot of time wondering why this flopped so hard, I mean sure it’s awful, but you wouldn’t know that before you saw it. I guess it’s just one of those things.

Howard is just your every day duck, he lives on a planet that is exactly the same as ours in every way except for two things: They don’t have pizza and everyone is a duck. It makes perfect sense. When Howie is sucked to Earth, he has to save the world from an alien who has taken over the body of a scientist named Dr. Walter Jenning so he can get back to Duck Planet and read more Playduck magazine or whatever.

Howard The Duck spans many genres. One second it’s a sci-fi actioner, the next it’s an interspecies love story. Imagine George Lucas ate a Buckaroo Banzai and Ewok omlette that was a little undercooked, Howard would be the ensuing vomit.

It’s a dumb movie. It’s badly written. It’s poorly realised. It all wraps up far too easily. But it ends with an anthropomorphic duck playing a terrible guitar solo, and for that, you just cannot fault it.


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