REVIEW: In Time (2011)

When I heard Andrew Niccol had a new high concept sci-fi flick on the horizon, I was stoked. I love Gattaca. It’s in my all time top ten or, at the very least, very near it. Ok, so maybe it has the as-yet unproven acting chops of Justin Timberlake, and a premise that might take a hefty amount of clunky explanation in order to clue you in to the film’s world, but I still had high hopes.

Imagine my disappointment when it turns out to be a complete dud. All the classic blunders were met with a hearty handshake, the exposition was as subtle as falling anvil, the characters were half-drawn, and don’t even get me started on the underuse of Cillian Murphy.

While it was shot well, it was a messy rehash of your old sci-fi tropes with a dash of high concept. Wholly underwritten , it missed its target by miles.


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