REVIEW: Attack The Block (2011)

I’ve been a big fan of Joe Cornish ever since Channel 4’s Takeover TV featured segments of The Adam and Joe Show back in the 90s. My favourite parts were always the sections were they would recreate popular movies using stuffed animals and Star Wars figures, a bit like what Robot Chicken are doing now. The toy spoofs were always lovingly created homages to the originals complete with editing and directorial cues taken straight from the source. Except, y’know, with teddies.

It isn’t hard to believe that Joe Cornish would move onto make a pitch perfect love letter to 80’s sci-fi with his own contemporary edge. Taking inspiration from all over past cinema, the most transparent homages are to John Carpenter origins. The whole siege aspect is a clear interpretation to Assault on Precinct 13, while Mos’s fierce anti-hero contains shades of Snake Plissken.

Attack The Block is vibrant and exciting with a rich colour palette. Classically shot through a modern lense. It’s Die Hard meets Aliens meets Kidulthood meets Shaun of the Dead meets awesome. A fully realised film that combines action packed set pieces with character progressions that few will be able to dismiss. It’s a future genre classic.


As soon as it was over, I immediately watched the commentary track featuring Cornish and Executive Producer, Edgar Wright. Focussing on debut features, they touch on some really interesting points for fledgeling filmmakers whilst also geeking the fuck out.

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