REVIEW: Chuck & Buck (2000)

erpetual manchild Buck is obsessed with his former best friend and successful record company exec, Charles (or, y’know, Chuck). Buck is pretty nuts, and Chuck is a vapid douchebag.

I was 15 when this film came out, and for some reason, rumblings about it flew about my high school. “Did you hear about Chuck & Buck?!” or “have you seen Chuck & Buck yet?”. Never any mention of what it was about or anything. I don’t know if this was a localised phenomena brought about by one of the bigger kids having seen it and spoke of it, or if the premise of this film was so fascinating to teenage boys that it swept the globe like some kind of icky virus. But I had heard it was great, and so for the last 11 years I have lived with the legend of this film burned into my brain.

I fucking hated it.

This film is populated with the most vapid charisma vacuums I have ever seen. Every ounce of my being fought tooth and nail to make sure none of it left a mark. It failed. I am still angry now. The director succeeds in making Chuck & Buck ooze creepiness, but in doing so sacrifices likable characters and pacing. It appears to be shot on consumer level camera and has a sort of super grainy low budget feel which is rare for dramatic movies and works with the tone of the film.

It feels like a first feature with some level of competency and potential, but mostly it is just fucking repugnant.

At one point Chuck claims to have signed They Might Be Giants. I love They Might Be Giants. That made me really angry.


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