REVIEW: Tucker and Dale Versus Evil (2010)

Two bumbling rednecks find themselves embroiled in a slasher type plot in which theyare the killers. Except not. An original premise, and one I can’t believe hasn’t been explored before.

This film is a joy from start to finish replete with well worn horror tropes being flipped on their axis. Hilariously realised with fantastic performances from Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk as the titular duo, the rest of the characters are cut from well worn cloth. But, I guess, that’s kind of the point. While shot like a straight-to-DVD slasher, very similar in look to Crispin Glover flying pickaxe-a-thon Simon Says, Tucker and Dale manages to maintain interest through it’s clever use of skewed horror imagery. It’s a shame it blows it for the end.

A hilarious horror-comedy for the post-Scream generation, just don’t watch the trailer, if you can help it.


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