REVIEW: Infestation (2009)


I’ve always said; if you want to make a low budget horror flick, you either have to do something very different or something really special. While this giant bug flick isn’t too different to, say, Eight Legged Freaks, it is certainly well put together.

Office slacker Cooper wakes up covered in webbing and surrounded by people in a very similar situation. After collecting a few other survivors, he searches for salvation in a world ravished by various killer insects.


The effects are great for a low budget production (I’d say they were better than The Mist), and the characters are well written for the most part. A few story strands are left dangling, which left me feeling a bit pit out, but for the most part Infestation is a competent flick with a decent cast. An enjoyable film, but ultimately forgettable.


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