REVIEW: Murder Party (2007)


As I said in the previous post; different or well made is the only way to go for low budget horror. Murder Party was shot for almost no money at all and hits both of these points with a big mallet.

While not particularly attractive to look at, Murder Party is a funny and violent look into the pretensions of the art world, stopping off to take a few swipes at it’s own genre too. A boring dude follows a mysterious invitation to what he believes will be a costume party, but is in fact a killer installation set up by a community of art hipsters.

ImageThe humour is always on point and the ideas are strong, but it’s the detail that makes Murder Party stand out from the other straight-to-dvd horrors gracing the shelves. You spend the whole movie waiting for an event that may or may not happen, and this is key to the enjoyment of this little flick. You’ll know it when you see it.

Fun, fresh and well made, Murder Party might be a bit slow for some people but it’s a winner in my book.


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